Off Season Magic

Hi sweethearts, hope you had a killer season! We sure did.
For off season, yay, we stay open. Please address all bookings and questions to the following phone number:
+91 9657832877
or to
Make sure to check out the Forest during rains, it’s the best time!

The opening of Magic

After two months of hard work we opened our gates – wait, we don’t even have gates. Anyway, the dwarfs are getting drunk at nearby bars, the temple is radiating energies, the house is welcoming its guests, and the music is playing all day. Every once in a while we stumble upon someone sleeping under a tree, and we hear all kinds of gossip about Magic Forest on the streets. However, we never confirm or deny any of it: the only way to know is to see for yourself. We have pancakes, too!

How it all began

Roaming around Anjuna, we stumbled upon a magical enchanted forest. The old Banyan Tree shared the secret of this place with us, and we knew that it was the one. Now a full team of well-trained magical dwarfs is preparing magic for you, cutting wood and carving stone, and very soon the gates of Magic Forest will be proudly open to everyone who is willing to dive in!